Enquête EFHCO sur l’impact de la COVID-19 sur les clowns hospitaliers

In June 2020, RED NOSES International and efhco conducted a survey on the initial impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Clowning Organisations across Europe. The survey asked how organisations were affected and how they reacted in different fields, including in the Operational Department, the Artistic Sphere, Communication, Human Resources and Finance. In total, 40 Healthcare Clowning Organisations operating in 21 countries completed the survey. 

Today we are proud to share with you the report “Impact of COVID-19 on European Healthcare Clowning Organisations”, and the infographic with the highlights from the report. 

The report shows the resiliency and creativity of Healthcare Clowning Organisations during the pandemic. Indeed, while 36 organisations postponed or cancelled some of their activities, 31 of them created some brand-new artistic activities or addressed new target groups, and 27 used the lockdown period to develop new communication activities. However, many of them envisage a lower revenue in 2021, and express the need for support measures at the government level. The report ends with a series of recommendations for key stakeholders.  

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