HCIM à La Haye


This Healthcare Clowning International Meeting (HCIM) brings together all the people who are part of the life-changing picture of healthcare clowning. We’re here to connect worlds, connect people and change spaces 
from 20 – 22 April 2022.
We find ourselves in an extraordinary moment in time. We are more aware than ever how important human contact and connection are to our wellbeing. This meeting aims to nurtureand strengthen this vital work.  

We are gathering experts from all over the world to look into the worldof healthcare clowning. The meeting will approach the field from different angles including: impact and our role in society, the art of clowninginnovation and online opportunitiesand fundraising.

And yes, you can be a part of it in person in The Hague. It will be energizinginformative and game-changing experiences!​


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